General Rules

  • Registration/Check-In- Teams are required to check-in on or before the Friday night prior to the start of the Tournament. Teams needing to check-in on Saturday prior to their first game, must request permission from the Tournament Director. Upon being given permission, the team must check-in no later than 1 hour prior to their first scheduled kickoff time on Saturday.(Please be advised that there may be a longer registration period on Saturday morning as there will only be one designated booth so teams/administrators are asked to be prepared and report early to the check-in booth.)
  • Game Arrival- Teams are expected to arrive at their game sites no later than 20 minutes prior to their schedule kickoff in order to be checked in by the referees/field marshalls.
  • Uniforms-Teams are expected to wear the same uniforms shirts. Goalkeepers are expected to wear non conflicting uniforms. Creativity is encouraged! Numbers on shirts are not required. The referee will reserve the right to ask the goalkeeper to change jerseys if the color is deemed to be a problem.
  • Awards-First Place Winners will be awarded medals in each division.
  • Team Field Position-Coaches, Players and spectators will line up on designated sides of the field. Coaches and Players must remain on their side of the midfield line and are asked that all substitutions be made at midfield.
  • Clean up- Coaches, Players and spectators are asked to keep our beaches clean and pick up their trash as they leave the field. Tournament Directors ask that ALL Coaches accept the responsibility of keeping the Seaside Heights Beaches clean and are asked to solicit their Players and spectators to do the same.
  • Casino Pier/Breakwater Beach Water Park Wristbands - Each team will be given 10 Complimentary Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Water Park Wristbands to be used on Saturday and Sunday during normal operating hours. These wristbands may not be used for anything other than their intended use.
  • Hotel Accommodations- Teams requiring Hotels are required to make reservations and accommodations on their own. Seaside Heights offers many options for Hotel accommodations and Sand Soccer Storm has made special offers available to families attending the Tournament. Most of these Hotels are within walking distance of the Tournament and the Seaside Boardwalk. Please visit for more information. Tournament Attendees are encouraged to make reservations immediately upon acceptance to the Tournament to assure your needs are met.
  • Parking- Tournament attendees are responsible for obeying all traffic regulations in the Borough of Seaside Heights. Private parking lots are available for all day parking at a nominal fee and metered parking is available on the streets. Those parking at meters please remember to feed the meters to avoid being ticketed. Attendees will find ample parking in and around the tournament site and are encouraged to arrive early for their scheduled games.

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  • Roster Size- Recommended Roster Size is 10 players (each team receives 10 ride and slide wristbands with paid registration). Maximum number of players on a team is 18 and minimum number of players on a team is 6 players. Teams registering more than 10 players will be charged an additional $60.00 per player for a wristband. Wristbands are required to play. Coaches must present birth certificates or player cards with birth date for each player during registration. Players MAY play in a higher age bracket but may not be placed on 2 separate rosters in the same age bracket.
  • Registration- Coaches must submit a Roster to the Tournament Directors no less than 2 weeks prior to the Tournament. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the Tournament and loss of any registration fees.
  • Check In- Check in Date for the 2019 Seaside Heights Sand Soccer Storm is Friday, June 14, 2019.
  • Registration Requirements-
    • Birth Certificates/Player Passes- Coaches are required to submit proof of age for each player on their roster. Birth Certificate or player passes will satisfy this requirement.
    • Medical Release/Waiver Forms- Each Player in the Tournament is required to have a parent/guardian sign the Medical Release/Waiver Form prior to participating in the Tournament. Medical Release/Waiver Forms can be found on the "Forms" tab at One form per team, please list the players name and parent/guardian signature on the corresponding line.
    • Early Registration- Coaches may scan Birth Certificates/Player Passes and Medical Release /Waiver Forms and email to the Tournament Directors 2 weeks prior to the Tournament for Check-In Date. This will immensely speed up the registration process prior to the commencing. Early Registrations will only be accepted in full and complete packages. Upon acceptance of a complete package, Coaches will be emailed an Acceptance Letter with instructions. Coaches may also choose to mail a complete package to the Tournament Directors 2 weeks prior to the Tournament Check-In Date.
    • Forms- All required Forms may be found at under the "Forms" Link.

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Game Schedules

  • Game Schedules will be posted on the Tuesday prior to the start of the tournament at Coaches will receive an email indicating that the schedule has been posted.
  • Pool Play-Each team will have a minimum of 3 games.
  • Championship Games- Championship Formats are based on number of teams in each bracket (See "Championship Game Format" below.) Not all brackets will have a playoff. Tournament Directors will make changes to the "Playoff Format" as needed depending on the total number of registered teams.
  • Tie-Breakers will be determined in the following order: Head to Head Play, Goal Differential (Maximum of a +5 goals/game will be recorded. Sand Soccer Storm discourages "running up scores" during all games). Teams still tied will be taken to an auxiliary location and asked to participate in a shootout with a first round of 3 players. If it is still tied after 3 penalty kicks, teams will alternate in sudden death penalty kicks. Penalty kicks will be taken from the top of the goalkeeper box.
  • Championship Game Format- The following format will be used for determining Championship Game Scheduling.
  • Groups of 3 teams will play 4 "Pool Play Round Robin" games and the top team with the most amount of points will win group. If it's a tie between two teams both teams will be co-champions.
  • Groups of 4 teams will play 3 "Pool Play" games and the top 2 teams will play in a championship game.
  • Groups of 5 teams will play 4 "Pool Play" games. The top 2 teams will play a championship game.
  • Groups of 6 Teams will play 3 "Pool Play" games. The Group A Winner will play the Group B Winner in the finals.
  • Groups of 7 teams will play at least 3 "Pool Play" games. The top 2 teams will play a championship game.
  • Groups of 8 Teams will play 3 "Pool Play" games. The Group A Winner will play the Group B Winner in the finals.
  • U-7, U-8 and U-9 will play 6 V 6 (5 field players and 1 goalkeeper)
  • U-10 and Older will play 5 V 5 (4 field players and 1 goalkeeper)
  • Pool Play Tied Games- If a game is tied after full time during pool play, game will end in a tie and recorded as such. (See "Points System" below).
  • Championship Game Tie Breakers-During Championship Games, tie games will be decided via Penalty Kick Shootout (See Rules Below) consisting of a first round of 3 players. If it is still tied after 3 penalty kicks, team will alternate in sudden death penalty kicks. Penalty Kick Shootouts will be taken from the top of the goalkeeper box.

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Games Playing Rules

  • Length of Games- Games will consist of 2 X 20 minute halves with a 5 minute break for halftime. Teams are expected to be prepared to play at their scheduled times. Teams not available for kickoff will forfeit their match.
  • Field Dimensions- Each Field will be 100 feet Long X 75 feet Wide. Each Field will have sideline demarcations to determine out of bounds.
  • Penalty Box-The Penalty Box will be marked by a cone place on both sidelines 8 yards off each goal line. The Penalty Box will run from sideline to sideline making is 24 feet long X 75 feet wide. This will be considered the Goalkeeper Area.
  • Restarts- Below is a list of Restarts that may take place during each game and a brief description of their meanings and rules.
    • Kickoff- The commencement of both halves will begin with a traditional kickoff from midfield.
    • Kick In Out of Bounds (Sidelines) - A ball traveling over the sideline will be Restarted by a "Kick In". The Ball may be placed on as close to the Out of Bounds Markers as desired and restarted by a player kicking the ball onto the field of play. A player MAY NOT SCORE directly from a "Kick In."
    • Goalkeeper Throw- A ball traveling over the end line that is awarded to the defending team will be restarted with a Goalkeeper Throw which will be taken from within any part of the Penalty Box. The Goalkeeper MAY NOT SCORE directly from a "Goalkeeper Throw".
    • Free Kicks- Free Kicks will be from the spot of the foul. ALL free kicks will be indirect.
    • Penalty Kicks- A foul committed in the Penalty Box against the attacking team will be considered a Penalty Kick. Penalty Kicks will be taken from the top of the Penalty Box. The remaining players may not enter the box until the ball is kicked by the shooter. Once the ball is kicked, it is considered live to ALL players on the field of play.
    • Penalty Kick Shootouts- Games indicated above which need to be determined by Penalty Kick Shootouts will begin with 3 players from each team alternating kicks from the top of the Penalty Box. Any Player registered to the team may shoot a Penalty Kick regardless of whether they were on the field of play at the end of the game or not. If further Penalty Kicks are needed to determine the outcome of the game, Teams will rotate 1 player at a time in sudden death format. Goalkeepers MAY be changed at the end of regulation time but MAY NOT be changed during the shootout unless due to injury.
  • Substitutions- Substitutions can be made on throw-ins and goal kicks regardless of the side of possession. Players are asked to move on and off the field as quickly as possible in order to not disturb the flow of the game.
  • Injury Time- Referees, at their sole discretion have the ability to add 5 minutes maximum of extra time in order to make up for any extended stoppages during regulation time. The referee has final say on ALL decisions.
  • Points- Points awarded for Pool Play Games will determine rankings for Championship Games. Teams will be awarded 3 points for a WIN and 1 Point each for a TIE.
  • Heading -
    • Players in U-11 programs and younger shall not engage in heading, either in practices or in games.
    • Limited heading for players in U-12 and U-13. Clubs should be aware of circumstances in which individual consideration is needed. For example:
      • - A 10 year old playing at U-12 or older should not head the ball at all.
      • - An 11 or 12 year old playing at U-14 or older should abide by the heading restrictions.
    • Referees will enforce these restrictions by age group according to the specified rules.
    • Referees will not be assessing the age of individual players on the field; they will enforce the rules for the age group

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  • Cancellations- Coaches and Players are expected to appear on their scheduled fields 20 minutes prior to their scheduled times ready to play. The Tournament will provide a weather hotline for any cancellations and will also post periodic updates at Only the Tournament Directors and Referees have the authority to cancel games. Any team not appearing for a game will be awarded a forfeit.
  • Inclement Weather Prior To A Match During Pool Play- For "Pool Play" games, Tournament Directors reserve the right to reschedule and/or reduce the game time as needed. Any games which are cancelled will result in a 1-1 tie.
  • Inclement Weather Prior To A Match During Championship Games- For "Playoff Games", Tournament Directors will determine the proper course of action. If games CANNOT be played, the highest seed will be awarded as the Champion of that age group and the second seeded team will be awarded 2nd Place.
  • Inclement Weather During A Match that Needs To be Cancelled- Any game (Pool Play and Playoff Games) cancelled during regulation time will end with the score as it stood at the time it was cancelled.
  • Inclement Weather Causing Cancellation of the Tournament- Inclement weather may force the Tournament Directors to cancel all or a portion of the Tournament. In the event of cancellation, the Tournament Directors will determine the standings based on games played.

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  • General Conduct
    • Tournament Attendees- Coaches are not only responsible for themselves but also for their players, parents and travel party. Given the nature of our tournament, our Tournament Directors ask that Coaches accept the responsibility of monitoring the conduct of their travel party while using the beach, hotel accommodations and auxiliary attractions in Seaside Heights.
  • Game Conduct
    • Yellow Cards- Players receiving 1 yellow card may continue to participate in the tournament. Players receiving a 2nd yellow card during the tournament will be suspended from the following game
    • Red Cards-Players receiving a red card must sit out the remainder of that match. The Tournament Directors along with the Tournament Conduct Committee will determine if that player will receive a 1 game suspension.
    • Other Suspensions-The Tournament Directors along with the Tournament Conduct Committee reserves the right to impose a two game suspension on any player for violent misconduct. The Tournament Directors and Tournament Conduct Committee will have final say on any imposed suspensions. All decisions will be final.
    • Fan Conduct- Tournament Directors, the Tournament Conduct Committee and the Referees reserve the right to dismiss any parents.
  • Protests
    • There are no Protest procedures. The decisions of the referees are final.

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